Linus Tech Tips has teamed up with SilverStone to build the ultimate wall-mounted headphone holder with the help of the 3D printing and headphone enthusiast communities. Please note, entries are open to contestants all over the globe, everyone is welcome!

Yes they do. It’s aluminium and gorgeous, but unfortunately it’s designed to hold a couple pairs of headphones ON YOUR DESK and for some people being able to wall mount them is much more convenient.

Well, SilverStone knows a lot about building beautiful things out of aluminium, and the headphone community knows a lot about the distinct lack of well-constructed headphone stands on the market – most of them are made of plastic and are WAY too expensive for what they are, to the point where people have resorted to making DIY solutions out of table legs from IKEA.
So by participating in this design competition, you’ll be giving 3D printing enthusiasts everywhere a design option to print for a wall mounted headphone mount AND giving folks who want a high quality aluminium product on the market the option to buy that one.

All designs need to be submitted to MyMiniFactory before the submission deadline of June 8. Community voting on the top 10 designs will take place over the following two weeks, then 3D printed versions of the finalists designs will be sent to Linus to show off in a video after which the winning design will be submitted to SilverStone where a gold-color anodized prototype will be manufactured and sent back to Linus to show off the finished product and announce the winner.

- All submissions are welcome, but the winning design will be one with a clean industrial design and (more importantly) one that is POSSIBLE to manufacture in aluminum.
- All entries will be test printed by the MyMiniFactory team on FDM 3D printers.

: Exclusive one-of-a-kind gold-color anodized wall-mounted headphone holder of your own design PLUS one each of the “normal” silver and black colours with shout-outs in both the top 10 finalists video and grand prize announcement video.
1-9th place runners up: Silver or black (your choice) anodized aluminum headphone stand of the winning design and shout-out on Linus Tech Tips video showing off the 10 finalists

The Extra Bits
• Submit your design using the green "upload" button below
• You can submit as many entries as you like
• For tips for designing for 3D printing, check out this blog post. Email if you would like any further assistance.

• If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts -as STLS- with instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.
• Each part of your design must fit within a build volume of 18 x 18 x 18 cm. 
• If you have any special instructions for your design, please let us know in the description box.
• This is a global competition and you can enter regardless of your location.
• The winning design, and all accompanying rights to it, will become property of SilverStone. If you are not willing to forego these rights, please say so in the description, however it will mean you cannot be selected as the main prize winner.
• Once submitted you will still retain complete ownership of your design, however once printed the STL will be made available to the public to freely download.



I'm not a designer, what free software can I use if I want to participate?
Some good free software to get started: Sketchup and TinkerCad
What kind of 3D printing will my design be tested with?
What format should I submit my design?
STL (most 3D modelling software will allow you to save in this format, if not a simple plugin will usually do the trick)
What about the mechanism for mounting?
When designing joins and mechanisms (screws etc) create these for FDM 3D printing as you would like it to work. If yours is chosen as the winning design, SilverStone might make small changes (working with you) in order to make sure the design is ready for mass manufacture
What if my design is in multiple parts?
They will all be printed and assembled by the MyMiniFactory Team. Please include instructions if assembly is complicated.
Must my design hold one or multiple pairs of headphones?
Up to you!
I live in Iceland, can I participate?
Yes! Anyone in the world can take part.
I'm a 3D modeller, can I upload other designs to your site?
We'd love you to! Just hit the "upload" button at the top of the page. Your design will be test printed and shared with the public, after which you will hopefully start earning tips!