Competition time with Tabulate! Tabulate is a sleek upgrade for your tablet and phone that simply snaps onto your device! It helps in holding the device comfortably and improves the productivity and usability in different environments. Tabulate is versatile and proves useful when you need it to. For more information on Tabulate click  here.

This competition is about innovation! You have to design accessories for Tabulate that increase the functionality of the device and supports it in different environments and activities. So whether its a dragon shaped hook for your car, a watch band to use for rock climbing, a funky coathanger attachment or anything else, as long as it works with Tabulate and demonstrates creativity it will be accepted into the competition.

Check this link out to see the current range of Tabulate 3D printables and get inspired! 

Awesome prizes up for grabs so enter now!




1st Prize - iPad mini 2 with a Tabulate and 1 accessory

2nd Prize - Tabulate with 1 accessory 

3rd Prize - Tabulate for any device

All MMF user gets 50% off on a Tabulate

Submission opens: October 27th 

Submission closes: November 18th

Winner annouced: November 30th

• Submit your design files using the green "submit your design" button at the bottom of the page.

• You can submit as many entries as you like - as long as it is your own, original work. 

• If your design is in multiple parts, please make sure you submit all parts (as STLs) zipped up with assembly instructions or diagrams of how they fit together.

• If you have any special instructions for your design, please indicate these in the description box.

Check out this blog post for design tips for 3D printing. There are no specific restrictions, we only ask that your design in STL format (zipped up if there are multipled parts).  If you have any other questions about creating your design or the process in general then email us:

• All entries that meet the requirements will be hosted on

• All entries will be judged and the winners selected by Tabulate.

• Designs will go live as they are validated by the MMF team.

• All STL files will be made available to the public to download for free. 

• All design entries to this competition will uploaded under creative commons. Any design submitted monetised commercially by Tabulate will be attributed back to the designer who will be compensated accordingly (by 20%).



Good luck and have fun!!!


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