How Scan the World inspired me to create Poppy Day themed prints

People, objects, buildings, myths. All these things are what build up a nation's history and culture. Scan the World is on a mission to create a digital library of cultural heritage through 3D scanning with the goal of distributing it worldwide for 3D printing! Every object on Scan the World has its own story with some dating as far back as 30,000 BC, we can learn so much about our collective past from what an object can universally communicate. As a community we are encouraged to share our culture, our history and our stories through 3D by scanning sculptures that you connect with or by remi

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Lego Takedown: Let's Build a Better World

  Hey everyone,  As some of you might have heard, last week, MyMiniFactory received a notice from a company sending out what looked like a generic, spam email. The email was signed as an affiliate of LEGO and asked that we remove some of the uploaded designs from our website. The email, shown below is what we recieved.  Assuming it was spam, we initially disregarded the message. Later however, it came to our attention from some community members that LEGO had targeted other 3D printing companies with possibly a similar email. In line with our values of inclusivity, purposef

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